Dr. Robert Charette
Founder, ITABHI Corporation
With nearly 40-years of experience in a wide variety of software, systems and management positions, Dr. Robert N. Charette is an internationally acknowledged authority and pioneer in risk management, information systems and technology, systems engineering, the lean development & management of large-scale software-intensive systems, and risk entrepreneurship and innovation. A self-described “risk ecologist,” Charette is interested in the intersections of business, political, technological and societal risks.

Robert Charette serves as a senior advisor to a wide variety of international Fortune 100 companies, high tech consortiums, as well as government departments on the effectiveness, the impacts, and the rewards/risks of their high-technology programs and policies. Charette also acts as chief risk consultant to financial organizations and companies when investments, mergers or takeovers are considered. Over his career, Charette has been involved in dozens of risk assessments on projects and programs ranging in cost from several million to several billion dollars each.

Charette is a Managing Director of the Decision Empowerment Institute; a Fellow and director of the Enterprise Risk Management and Governance practice for the Cutter Consortium, an IT research information company; a Fellow of the Lean Systems Society; a member of the IEEE Computer Society’s Golden Core; and a Principle Advisor to ceBerg, a high-technology incubator.

Previously, Charette was on the IT advisory board of Foundation Ventures, a New York City-based merchant and investment bank. He was the editor of the ISO/IEEE Standard 16085 on software and systems engineering risk management, and was the working group chair of IEEE software risk management standard 1540:2001 which then became ISO/IEC/IEEE 16085:2006. Charette was a founding charter member of the Project Management Institute's risk management specific interest group and was on its risk management advisory board. Charette served for many years as an expert advisor to the risk management programs at the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University (serving as chair of its Risk Advisory Board) and the Software Productivity Consortium, among others. Charette was also the primary author of the risk management guidelines and framework for the UK Government; served on the National Research Council’s post-Challenger select panel evaluating the effectiveness of NASA's space shuttle’s software safety program; served as an advisor to the I-CAMP information technology security project of the  Committee on Institutional Cooperation; was chief designer of the DoD Tri-Service Assessment Initiative; served on the Department of Health and Human Services expert panel on the adoption of electronic health records by small physician practices, and; is the former elected chair and vice-chair of the National Security Industrial Association's (now NDIA) Software Committee.

Robert Charette is a frequent international lecturer and author. He is the author of the McGraw-Hill books, Software Engineering Risk Analysis and Management (1989), Applications Strategies for Risk Management (1990), Software Engineering Environments: Concepts and Technology (1986), and co-author of A Unified Approach for the Development of Systems (1987) and Decision Empowerment: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Good Decision Makers (2007). He also was the primary author of the Introduction to the Management of Risk (HMSO:1993). Along with these, Charette has written chapters or contributions for the Encyclopedia of Software Engineering (1994, 2001), Advances in Computing (1997), Effective Risk Management: Some Keys to Success (2003), The Next Wave of Technologies (2010), and The Age of the Platform (2011).

Charette has written well over 150 journal, magazine and other articles on the subject of risk management, project and program management, innovation and entrepreneurship. Charette is an award-winning contributing editor to IEEE Spectrum magazine, where he pens the Risk Factor blog. Charette writes regularly for the Cutter IT Journal, and has previously written for Business Intelligence Review and Government Executive magazine, among others. Previously, he was on the editorial board of Software Quality Professional and was a long-time contributing editor to the London-based magazine Software Management. Charette is also an information resource for the Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, the Boston Globe, the New York Times, CNN, National Public Radio, CIO magazine and several other print and television news outlets.